Shamanic Lunar Calendar

Shamanic Lunar Calendar for Dates and Guidence in Daily Spiritual Practice

Use the phases of the moon to guide your own daily spiritual practice

Day 1 Lunar Calendar ~ the day marked as the New Moon on your Western calendar, but really is the day of No Moon

Day of Light

A good day for finding the answer to who you are, why you are here, and what your kharma is. An analytical day. Not a good day for healing others. Better to be alone by yourself, a hermit. Don’t make any serious decisions about anything.

Day 2 Lunar Calendar

Fish with an open mouth.

A day for connecting with earth energy. The day of De Cata, goddess of fortunetellers and fairytale creatures. Beautiful day for fortunetelling, looking into your future or past. Also a good day for cleansing, purification and fasting.

Day 3 Lunar Calendar


A day for connecting with yang energy, energy up. Very high activity. A nice day for taking risks, having adventures, or playing sports. Good for making a foundation for a new beginning. At nighttime, the border between day 3 and 4, it is the best time for cleaning your aura or for others, to remove curses or foolish information.

Day 4 – Tree

A good day for planting trees. Great for praying to your ancestors and doing pokiany. You may ask for protection from your ancestors. A good day for going to church or the temple. It’s a nice day for beginning healing treatments, having new clients. Better to be around home.

Day 5 – Unicorn

A day for making decisions about what you need to do. A day for making plans if you want to change something in your life. Not a good day for tricky people or adventure.

Day 6 – Rainbow

It’s a great day for meditating and looking inside your-self. Good day for love and marriage. The sky is open. The energy is young and moving, and you may receive this energy through the clouds. The coo-coo bird may tell you your fortune today. You may do any kind of fortune telling or divination on your own and everything you see will be true.

Day 7 – Rooster

Demons and black energy are afraid of him. Darkness is afraid. Witches will be sick. On this day, it’s good to give yin and yang energy for sick people. On this day, secrets and darkness are exposed.

Day 8 – Phoenix, double

Good day for adventurous people and for those who are willing to be heroes and give their lives for someone. It’s a dangerous day for those who work sitting down. It’s better to be active today.

Day 9 – Bat

The devil incarnated on this day. Stalin’s birthday. A dangerous day for taking a night trip. In the room where there are sick people it’s best to keep a lit candle on the table all through the night. A day of revelry for black energy. A day of scary and frightening sights. You need to make the sign of the cross and turn three times counter-clockwise. Don’t meditate.

Day 10 – Fountain

A day for making connections with home or family. A very nice day for building a house, making connections with people, fixing any misunderstandings between people, and putting an end to any fighting. Proud and independent people were born on this day.

Day 11 – Crown, Fire Snake

A day for connections with secrets and mysteries. There is a huge cosmic power on this day. A day for poltergeists. A good day for healing people with heavy diseases or sicknesses.

Day 12 – Cup

A day for manifestation of dreams. A day for developing, or revealing the subtle world. It’s a good day to give money, be kind, show love and compassion for others. A good day for starting to heal any kind of disease. It’s a day for making sacrifices. You need to cleanse through water.

Day 13 – Wheel

It’s a day when a situation from the past may repeat itself. You may meet people from long ago, or find something you had previously lost or forgotten about. You need to finish everything you’ve started, but not start anything new. It’s a day for inspection. Think more about the past.

Day 14 – Labyrinth or Pipe

A heavy day. Give attention to details, symbols and each object around you and try to find meaning there. You have to listen to and take advice from others. A good day for traveling.

Day 15 – Jackal

A critical day. A day for witch’s debauch, and for spells and curses. A day when you can do psychic or astral attack. Very heavy and scary dreams will come. People are vulnerable to attacks. Don’t make any important decisions on this day. A very good day to receive knowledge about the anti-world.

Day 16 – Butterflies and Pigeons (innocence)

A day for purification, return to God. A good day to go to church or baptize children. A day for realization of dreams. A good day for channeling and receiving information. On this day, your creativity has a nice level. A good day for making decisions.

Day 17 – Rabbits

Sexual activity (violent). A day of chaos and spontaneity. A good day for a big celebration, like an anniversary. Not a good day for single people.

Day 18 – Monkey

A tricky day with lots of masks. A day for intrigue. Good day for healing. Patients on this day are involved with alcohol. They may be very cunning. A day when prostitution souls are reborn.

Day 19 – Spider

A critical day of attachment and depression. Sick people on this day are very sticky around you.

Day 20 – Eagle

A positive day for making a big plan for your life or career. A day of freedom from heavy weight or baggage.

Day 21 – Horse

A neutral day. Yin and yang are in balance. A good day for sports or trekking. An active day.

Day 22 – Elephant or Key

A day for revealing different kinds of secrets, such as for marriage or wisdom. On this day or in the nighttime, you may see a dream with a key, which means you will stand on a step for serious business. But if you see a book, then this means you will receive a letter.

Day 23 – Crocodile

A critical day. A day in which foolish and vile people celebrate on. Such as those who may take advantage of or abuse others.

Good day for those who take risks in their professions such as police officers. Not a good day for healing or beginning a new project.

People need protection on this day. You need to be cautious.

Day 24 – A Swinging Bear that you cannot stop.

This day children need protection. Be extra watchful over children.

Sexual energy is at a low-level.

Day 25 – Turtle

A day for awakening the intuition and meditation. Better to stay at home and doing some meditation practice, such as dancing, singing, listening to music, painting, prostration, or cleaning house.

Day 26 – Toad

A day for alchemistry. Day for rebirthing, changing, healing, but use power wisely. Make control with your power, don’t take on more than you can handle. Nice day for healing people; however, better not to take on new clients.

Waxing Moon

Day 27 – Sheep

A day for doing business with groups of people who help others.

Need to have active attention for life. Day for a courageous project.

Even the most delirious, hectic plan could be successful.

If you see a dream on this day (or even Day 26) with a sheep or water, it indicates that something new is coming, something is changing in your life.

May also be day for waxing moon.

Day 28 – Lotus Flower

Day for restoring the world. Balance, truth, compassion.

A good day to look at your future. Visit a fortune teller.

This is a nice day for cleansing your mind-body-soul. Very simple and easy to quit any bad habits or go out from any crisis.

Day 29 – Octopus

Day for depression, sadness, like you’re missing something.

Chronic diseases are sharpening.

Do not provoke with alcohol or taking drugs. Do not see a fortune teller.

Best day for prayer, making penance, and spiritual cleansing.

Day 30 – Swan

Day for thinking and watching your thoughts.

To finish any kind of business you’ve been working on.

Connect with your family, children.

Divorce with any bad or foolish connections.

Nice day for healing people from alcoholism or smoking.

Good day for occult rituals.

During the 3 days of the Dark Moon: don't drink water, no animal foods - no fish/chicken, only eat yang energy things. Steamed veggies, oatmeal. For people with water in body, dried fruit. For people with more wind - eat cooked food and grains/bread.

Before new moon: immune system very low, no surgery, no deep fried food.

Day 30 Dark Moon - is the extra day we have one time one year.

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Most holidays & traditional festivals are based on a Lunar Calendar.

moon phases

You can see the current phase of the moon above.

Use the lunar calendar to schedule your own spiritual practice. Please make a note of recommendation for practice as listed below.

How to use the Lunar Calendar for your own Spiritual Practice

New Moon: offers the best time to make a change in your life or begin a new spiritual practice. Also, a great time to plant crops or start an herbal tincture.

Full Moon: offers the best time for experienced spiritual practitioners to come together and join in a collective program.

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